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jilski - "things come different"

Recorded at jilski magic labs

jilski is a singer and composer who can be found playing his music in the streets of southern Berlin. Warm, smooth vocals meet a plethora of life-experiences, all put together in a direct, old-school, classic jazzy way of writing songs and lyrics. If you like acoustic, handmade music, then this is for you.

Short bio: Born in Poland in 1984, jilski has started learning classical piano, later supplemented with a lot of jazz training. After prolonged stints with the drums and electronic music production, he is currently studying for a degree of music composition at Berlin's Universität der Künste, all the while trying to cope with the ups and downs of a musicians life. His playing of the bass and singing has been forged in the streets, of which he has performed almost a thousand sessions, in the heat of summer as well as the cold of winter. Except for that, he has played countless concerts around Berlin and has gone on a two week tour through Italy in 2017.

After his 2017 album release, he has continued working on new material as well as exploring new vocal techniques, recently shifting from the upright bass to his instrumental home - the grand piano.

A new show is being prepared for early summer of 2019, mixing the two instruments in a more intricate and intriguing way than ever before. Subscribe to the newsletter below to stay in touch!

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